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Coastline is redefining the Kingdoms marina experience setting new standards for service and quality.

Coastline marine services focuses on maximizing your enjoyment, investment, and income. We also maintain your boat so it is ready when you are.

Coastline owns and manages fine dining restaurants, cafe's, baristas and outlet stores.

Our all-day menu comprises hot cuisine, sandwiches, sensational salads, weekly features, desserts, and a variety of signature coffee and juices.

Release your sense with our diversified list of overwhelming water sports.  Fly, surf, swim, and dive, enjoy unforgettable experiences with Coastline's internationally certified trainers. 

Coastline is a member of RYA, BCU & PADI.

Coastline LLC is an Integrated Facilities Management company with focus on marine and coastal facilities covering the Middle East region. The company is actively engaged in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 implementations. It has also met other various standards of excellence in all its operations. Through its dedicated team and subject-matter-expert staff, Coastline continues to design operations with the single aim of delivering the highest quality of services provided to its client communities. 

Coastlineā€™s unique blend of marine know-how and a team of experienced marine professionals across various disciplines in marine facilities management position us as the partner of choice for private and public institutions looking to establish and run marine facilities at global best practices standards.