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Every ship needs a captain, but every captain needs a crew. Lacking one or the other, the ship is likely to veer off course, run aground, crash, or even capsize. This truism of the high seas is a fitting metaphor for the importance of building strong teams in business, and making sure that the leader stays closely aligned with the team.

There is a certain glamour and mystique to ocean travel, but it can be a voyage filled with mortal dangers which must be heeded. Without a strong captain to make the tough decisions, a crew can quickly dissolve into dissension, anarchy or even mutiny. At the same time, no single captain can do it all to steer the ship, navigate the course, maintain the equipment, cook the meals and oversee all of the ship’s other essential operations.

Seafaring vessels require extensive teamwork to ensure that everything runs smoothly, from the engine room to the top deck, and from the below ship quarters to the captain’s bridge.

Cleaning & Waxing

  • Interior / Exterior Cleaning & Preservation.
  • Galleys, Heads, Windows/Isinglass, Floors/Decks.
  • Washing, Waxing, UV / Corrosion protect.
  • Metal Polish, Wood Varnish, Oxidation Removal.

Check On/Off Service

  • Check Breakers, Test Pumps, etc.
  • Custom Checklist for Your Boat.
  • Keep batteries and equipment in fresh condition.

Minor Maintenance & Checkout

  • Scheduled Service, Turnaround, Systems Check.
  • Inside & Out Minor Repaires or Replacement.
  • Propulsion/Generator Tune, Service, In-boat Repair.