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Coastline specializes in dedicated snorkel trips for serious snorkelers. Natural wonders await you on our incredible snorkeling adventures. Join the amazing snorkeling trips, to experience some of the most abundantly alive reefs in the world, and come away with lifelong friends. We’ll explore shallow reefs with abundant fish, blue water mangroves rich with soft corals and macro life, and known habitats for iconic Red Sea species ranging from colorful mantis shrimp to breathtaking manta rays!

We’ve all had the experience of snorkeling off a dive boat full of divers and being dropped into the blue with reefs 60 feet below. Snorkelers need and deserve trips that focus on a variety of marine envirornments ideal for snorkeling and free-diving. Coastline trips are designed by snorkelers for snorkelers! Your travel companions are fellow snorkel addicts eager to explore remote and pristine reefs. We share the love of being on and in the water AND the longer the better!

We’ll experience a variety of underwater environments. Depending on the destination these may include gorgeous shallow reefs teeming with parrotfish, butterflyfish, and anthias; dramatic walls with majestic pelagics cruising by; unique mangrove systems with coral encrusted roots and half beaks, archer fish and pajama cardinal fish peeking out and a personal favorite are manta cleaning stations.